Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Do you guys have an "ipray" ?
Wow, this thing is awesome, and the Apps are incredible!

I've never seen so many Applications to one communication device.

I guess the "ipray" has been around for a long time, it just doesn't get that much publicity.
I hear it's actually been banned in certain schools, businesses, families and courtrooms. I think its a political thing and people just really have a problem with the service Provider.
Regardless, everyone should look into getting an "ipray" for themselves.
Just the applications alone make it the most powerful personal communication device know to man.
One App actually allows you to affect and change the eternal destinies of men and women all over the world. Can you believe it? By using it you can even change your own destiny.
Some Apps even allow you to participate in changing world history. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Either through your own individual use of the “ipray” or by joining a network of other “ipray” users, you can actually steer the course of time and history in a fresh and exciting direction.
There's an App that delivers you from the bondage of sin, and gives you power to live a holy life. For best results you have to use this one often.
There's an App that actually takes your worries and replaces them with a peace that is beyond understanding. This App actually helps you to have a more productive and stress-free day. I wish more people would download and use this one. I need to use it more too.
There are Apps for everything from marriage, family, finances, relationships, business, education, ethics and entertainment, and even planning for retirement and the afterlife.
The service Provider has included a disclaimer about using the Apps, though. It states that the Designer has reserved the right to track your use of various applications and interject His instruction at any time. For example, when using one App, the Designer might suggest using a different App that applies more to your particular need. While initially this threw people off, it has become a welcomed feature to those who use their “ipray” the most.
Now before changing any of your situations, most of the Apps are designed to change you first into a more humble, loving, godly and wise person. This takes some time getting used to.
Oh, yea.
Did I mention, the “ipray” is Free! And all the Apps are free! They can take time to download and enjoy, but they're worth it. They’re all free, all the time and available for anyone, anywhere! There are no other service providers who offer any deals close to this!
A great feature of the “ipray” is that its superior technology gets great reception anywhere on the planet.
There are no monthly fees or taxes. Everything has already been prepaid by the Manufacturer.
There are no dead zones, dropped calls or glitches in the system. It’s literally out of this world!
And there are free replacements should you feel your “ipray” was lost or stolen.
There is only one catch that seems to really irritate a whole lot of people, and that's the fact that even though the “ipray” is totally free all the time, it’s only available through One service Provider, and that's JC&C.
Jesus Christ & the Cross is the only Provider that offers free delivery, activation, wireless global and situational access, endless applications, earth-wide unlimited high speed data, talk and info transmission, around the clock customer service, and finally a 100% guarantee of ultimate and eternal satisfaction.
No need to worry about sudden changes or alterations in your “ipray” service plan because this special offer is the same yesterday, today and forever. Feel free to shop all other “so called” service providers to see if you find anything comparable to the JC&C ipray.
Your lifetime personal “ipray” plan includes all minutes, messages and data and will begin whenever you agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth by the service Provider as stated in the Bible and activated by Jesus Christ Himself.
check it out!

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