Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Have you been hijacked?

Have you been hijacked?
You say, "What do you mean?"
Well, when a plane is hijacked, everyone presents their ticket, boards the flight, is seated and then heading to their desired destination. However, sometime during the flight, someone stands up and takes control, and ultimately changes the direction and destination of the original flight plan. An intruder, someone who crept in unrecognized by security and the other passengers, and they've now taken over.
The outcome of hijackings are seldom good.
Have you been hijacked? I'm talking to you dear Christian.
You say, "What do you mean?"
I mean. You started out well. You presented your ticket, your faith to God in Christ, and you boarded the flight of eternal life, redemption, forgiveness, adoption, empowering, discipleship and commissioning. You sat down under the Word of God. You took off into God's plan for your life. You embraced His call upon you to center your life on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of the world. And it was going great!.......until about mid-flight. Then a major distraction stood up, unseen, unnoticed by you, but perhaps other passengers were feeling a little suspicious. Well, this intruder, or perhaps a few smaller intruders stood up and took control of the flight. They changed the direction, the focus, the destination to make disciples and you've veered way of coarse. Perhaps it was a lure into enjoying more of the riches and the promotions this world has to offer. Perhaps it was beginning to enjoy the pleasures of compromise and then the enticements of sin. Or maybe you were overcome with apathy, laziness and a lost zeal that ultimately cost you your time in the Word and in prayer, and you haven't been able to make it up. What was it that so deceitfully hijacked you away from serving God so completely, so surrendered, so sacrificially that now you over analyze any opportunity to serve your King and you've talked yourself out of it before you even pray? What was it that stole your heart away? Or who was it that stole you?
Hijackings seldom end good.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vance and Michelle visit in June

We were so blessed to have some great friends from Vegas visit for a few days this past week. They're taking a vacation from Raleigh, to Nashville, to Atlanta and spent a couple days with us to kick it off. About 4 pots of coffee, some pizza and spaghetti, the Word of God and some sweet Christian fellowship and prayer left us refreshed and encouraged. It's been over 7 months since we hung out with them and we picked up just as if it was yesterday.
Praise God for the Body of Christ and genuine Christian fellowship.
A verse that come to mind is Philemon 7:
"For we have great joy and comfort in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you..."

We love you guys! Thanks for the visit.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 2011 Pics of James

Goat's Milk Farm/petting zoo

James still wants to be held like a baby after a nice warm shower

Mother's Day with his cool mom t-shirt

He thinks he's cool

Splish splash!
Our "poor-boys North Carolina backyard water park"