Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Traveling to North Carolina (Part 3)

Well, we finally arrived in North Carolina! We left Kentucky, traveled through Tennessee and down over the Smokey Mountains into Asheville, North Carolina. Angela's Brother, his family and her mom just recently moved there. We had a nice visit with them over the weekend.
James got to finally get out of the truck and play a little.
Angela's brother took us on a great scenic drive around Asheville and showed us some sites. We visited a nice Hotel called the Grove Park Inn that had a great view of Asheville from the balcony and a sweet Jaguar parked out front. Supposedly this hotel is well known and many a "big wig" throughout its history has stayed here.

From Asheville we traveled East toward Winston Salem, Greensboro and on into Raleigh. We stopped at our last rest stop and stretched!

Finally after a little more than 2700 miles total we arrive in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Hello new mission field, Raleigh, North Carolina! Over three years ago we had implanted into our hearts the thought of moving to North Carolina before we were married or with James, and wondered, "Was that God or was that just us?..." Well, here we are, and we arrive in Raleigh, NC on 10-10-10! We have officially completed one chapter of life and begun a new one. We look forward to God's plan for our lives as we follow Him. And we are so thankful for everyone He has put in our lives to help keep us in His will. We love you!
We are currently staying with the Wilson Family in Garner, North Carolina. This is their home above. They live about 20 minutes from Downtown Raleigh. Years ago the Wilson's were part of our home church Calvary Chapel Spring Valley, Las Vegas, and about 8 years ago they felt led by the Lord to move to Garner, NC. We met them last Spring when we visited the Raleigh area to pray and see if the Lord might be leading us out here. They graciously invited us to come and stay with them until we get on our feet, I find a job, and we find an apartment in the Raleigh area. The Wilsons embraced us as family even though they didn't know us. We have been so blessed by God and His people throughout our journey as followers of Christ. Oh that everyone could experience the love and friendships God has provided in His local, national and global community, the Church, the beautiful Bride of His Son. And truly His Bride is beautiful! Thank you Jesus!
Good night Las Vegas...

Good morning North Carolina!

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